The Benefits Of Epoxy FlooringThe Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

The Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is an extremely hard coating used to bring life to concrete floors. It is also a very hard and scratch resistant product that is suitable to apply in industrial settings. Those who use it at home find it works well on garage floors. This kind of floor coating is waterproof and dust-proof. Epoxy is a polymer based material (these are what make plastic) which is enhanced by mixing in a material called a curator. The science is complex, but all you need to know is that the epoxy material is hard and gleams.

Epoxy flooring provide a strong stain resistant surface that can withstand the heaviest traffic. It might require little maintenance but some prudence needs to be exercised so that it keeps its good attributes for longer. The other good thing though about epoxy floor coats have to do with versatility and if you should get tired of the same floor, all you need to do is cover the epoxy coated layer with concrete and do what you want – unlike other flooring materials that need to be peeled and stripped away. But like everything epoxy floors have their own problems.

The disadvantages of epoxy flooring

An epoxy floor has a long lasting shine. To keep the shine it needs to be taken care of by cleaning it and keeping those horrible UV lights from damaging the floor. If you do see your floors fading try to apply a sealer. A sealer should restore the glimmer.

Epoxy flooring is given to peeling and blemishes can occur when car is not taken. Everything fades eventually and Epoxy coated floors are no different. A sealer is a temporary solution, you might want to try changing the floor all together. If you can do your own floor coating by DIY Whizz, go ahead. There is no rocket science involved and most of what you need you can get from your local hardware store.

Epoxy is a polymer-based product with complex bonds that interlink in such a way that breathing is impossible. These can ruin the finishing because air tends to get trapped. The bubbles might look bad on the surface, the best this is to deal with these before you change your floors. The bubbles that are starting to show on your epoxy coated garage floor need fixing before the pressure that has been building up starts creating cracks because the air has to go somehow. Get a contractor to measure the moisture vapor emission rate. If the rate is too high then you should expect the epoxy coat to start peeling.

Advantages of epoxy flooring

Industries need effective floors whose surface can withstand the damages that heavy machinery and vehicles like forklifts can cause. Most industries require non-slip floors but not areas are required to be non-slip. here are different types of epoxy coats that can be applied to different area to meet the need for that particular ares. not all epoxy coated floors are slippery, they may look slippery but there are things that contractors will do to make sure that they have traction where it is needed.

You can add a touch style to your floor by incorporating the latest inclusions that come with epoxy paint. These can be anything from splotches of color to the grainy inclusions.

Caring for your Epoxy Floor

Concrete is not the kind of surface material that is treated with reverence but once you apply epoxy coating, all that changes. Another thing that should change as well is the way we treat our floors. It is true that epoxy is used on floors that get a lot of traffic but that doesn’t mean we should neglect the flooring and not take care of it. A concrete floor that has been coated with epoxy, looks like bright, shine and new. The great thing about epoxy coated floors is that they are extremely easy to clean.

· Sweep any dust, dirt or debris from your epoxy floor frequently.

· Sweep dust a with a dry mop frequently. Epoxy might be durable but little bits of debris can create problems

· Mix annual purpose cleaner in water and scrub the floor only if it needs scrubbing

· Make sure that you rinse the floor after washing and leave no soap residue.

· Keep epoxy floors try. Excess moisture may cause the epoxy to bubble which will destroy the finish and the floor beneath.

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