Industrial Epoxy Coatings

Industrial Epoxy Coatings

Not only does industrial epoxy coatings protect the concrete, wood, VCT, and other materials below, it also helps protect your industrial business, from many lawsuits. This protective coating material not only resists oil spills, it also resists beads water, and wipes down cleanly and easily. In addition to protecting the floors, and visitors from falls, it also produces a natural shine, and high end glossy finish, giving customers a better impression of the industrial facility.

High quality epoxy -
When selecting industrial epoxy coatings for your facilities, warehouse, or commercial store, business owners must select the highest grade and quality epoxy finishes. It should be purchased through a trusted manufacturer, and should be made with the highest grade ingredients, to ensure the floors will last. Not only will the best quality flooring protect the original floors below from damage and wear, the epoxy coating will also provide a fine looking finish, on any flooring it is installed over.

Proper installation of epoxy coatings -
Even with the best grade epoxy paints, if it is not properly laid down on the floors, it is not going to look good. For this reason, it is a good idea to hire professionals, to paint the floors, and lay down the epoxy finish. Not only will these companies use industrial grade tools to paint and prime, they will also allow for sufficient time to dry, and for the coat to settle, prior to putting anything on the floors, or allowing customers to come in the stores.

Long lasting finish -
When the best grade epoxy coatings are used, the floors below will resist damage, and the paint finish will shine for extended periods of time. Over time, the epoxy has to be touched up, buffed, and cleaned. However, when the best epoxy coating is used, it will last for several years, will provide the high visibility glossy shine, and will protect anyone walking on the floors, from potential slips and falls.

Industrial epoxy coatings are great for warehouse facilities or large major retailers. In addition to providing a high quality look and finish, the floors are also better protected with this finish. It helps prevents slips and spills, helps avoid scuff marks and scratches, and prevents damage to the base level, which the epoxy is applied over. Many mass retailers and warehouse facilities will benefit from the use of epoxy coatings, where high traffic occurs, and water, oil, or other material spills are common.

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