Best Epoxy Flooring Installers in California

Best Epoxy Flooring Installers in California

There are different ways that you can add style and color to your garage or basement, but a common starting place is with the floor. While standard concrete garage floors serve their function, a little more effort can make them not only attractive and comfortable, but also easy to clean and resistant. Many homeowners are faced with two upgrade options: painting or using epoxy. It is easy to confuse the two, as both are applied using brushes and rollers. However, California epoxy flooring is what you go for if you want a tough, good-looking surface, while paint is used to give new life to stained (oily, greasy and rusty) floors.



As a leader in providing California epoxy flooring solutions, you will probably want to use our products and services to get the best results for your garage floor. There is a good number of do-it-yourself epoxy flooring kits that you can purchase if you prefer to do things on your own. While these kits are very useful, there are some crucial steps that must be taken to evade common challenges associated with applying a floor coating. Before application, you need to prepare the floor adequately, but just as important, is choosing the right epoxy.



Epoxy floorings are tough resins that are available in two separate parts that must be mixed before application. The three types of epoxy resins include: water based, solvent based, and 100 percent solids. As the name suggests, 100 percent solid type is a nearly pure epoxy, as it does not contain any solvents that evaporate. They are expensive and tough to apply due to their rapid hardening. So, you may need our professional services to apply this one.



Water-based epoxies contain 40-60% percent solids, and pose minimal risk because they do not have hazardous solvent fumes. Solvent-based epoxies also contain 40-60% solids. They have great penetration and adherence, which makes them ideal for use by professionals. However, the solvents used are rather powerful and potentially hazardous. So, when applying, you must use a respirator with an acid gas or organic vapor filter that fits tightly to your face to avoid breathing in the fumes. In addition, you must ventilate your garage well, and take measures to prevent the odor from reaching other people.



Solvent-based types are hard to find, but whichever epoxy you use, it is recommended that you apply two coats. This will allow you to create a thick film, or adequate build, for durability. To avoid the challenges and hassle of applying floor coating, you may need to consult California epoxy floor specialists. Our installers are skilled in the fine art of epoxy flooring systems, and our numerous options for color treatments and high-strength petroleum-based resins will ensure safe, decorative, durable and easy to clean concrete substrate, residential and commercial applications.

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